Just saw last years Sherlock Holmes flick, and I must say, that it’s both stimulating and bloody brilliant! While Basil Rathbone’s portrayals typically come to mind when I think of Holmes, I must admit that I loved the take spun on the original duo ;).

Can you ask for more than the master detective and the dear doctor, pitted against a super-genius and the black arts? Even better the films constructed so you can follow it, even with varying levels of intellect. Of course the obvious question is who the heck is Blackwood but it makes sense. Unless you’re able to connect the Holmesian dots in your brains background thread, rather then wait for Irene Adler to spell it out at the end: even the biggest surprise is revealed, superbly I might add.

Although I do enjoy a stimulating mystery, I’ve never been a big fan of Sherlock Holmes or the genre. I do however, admire such a mind :-). I reckon that would be obvious, for anyone knowing parts of mine lol.