Morose culture

It seems, that while no one put up a fuss that in the original Medal of Honor, you could play Allied or German characters in death match. As far as I know, there has never been a fuss about the later games which both expanded that very far and even took in the Japanese!  Yet now that they are making a new game, just called “Medal of Honor”, people are bitching that one of the sides in multiplayer was supposed to be the Taliban, to which there has been enough fuss to simply rename it in the usual OPFOR fashion of AA. What the fuck is wrong with people today.

That is how it is, unless you design multiplayer like America’s Army: which few people care to, nor have any reason to, go quiet that far to make everyone the “Good guy”. There is also the old DF approach of making both teams look almost identical, resorting in that only noobs and griefers are likely to TK.

Someone has to be on each side of a multiplayer game, that’s how you tell which set of fucking morons you can shoot at! If having one side be the Taliban is so bad, why not make it U.S. Army versus British Army, and let someone make a stink about that!