Laptop, sweet laptop

I never thought I could miss such a filthly old computer so much! Today in the snail mail, the replacement AC adaptor I ordered finally arrived, it only took about two weeks. The original one racked up to much damage right near the plug at the laptop end. The thought of slicing it apart where the damgae was and splicing it together, all well in good… until noticing that end is a frigging coax, which works a tad differently than a simple set of copper wire o/.

After a few days of using my desktops rat “Tuned up” for Quake / COD, and two weeks without using my laptop, it even feels a bit alien to be using a touch pad again. On the upside however, because of how much time I spend typing, contrasted to where I spend it: I feel PERFECTLY AT HOME using my LAPTOP KEYBOARD!!!

I’m sorry to say, that although I love the Model M style kb, I love my laptop even more, it’s ingrained in my muscle memory lol.