Somehow it fits, that I was having a rather pleasant yet unpleasant sort of dream this morning, got up with an uneasy feeling, and was soon vindicated in having one, lol.

In going to uncover the car this morning, I noticed something plastic in front of the car, gave my usual sigh about how everyone here but me seems to litter o/. In pulling the cover off the car, the bloody thing wouldn’t come off, for some reason it was stuck on the drivers side view mirror. I saw it had ripped open the car cover, that’s happened before (the covers are shit) but I wasn’t pulling that hard, and usually that only happens after a good freeze.

Then I saw the whole fucking side view mirror was hanging by it’s electrical wire with the mirror plate missing! My first thought was how the hell can a car cover break a side view mirror into pieces? Seriously, the material the car cover is made out of, is almost paper thin, lol. Car covers ready to break a hole at the bounce of a dime don’t break Side view mirrors, side view mirrors break miserable excuses for car covers, not the other way ’round!   The damage to the body of the side view mirror was ludicrous, like it got a hard mashing the other corner, not like it got pulled off by the cover. If it had been done by the cover, I would also have *heard* it quite loudly, there was that much plastic shattered off of it.

What made me suspicious however was every thing about the mirror. Under the car were several shards of plastic from the mirrors support and frame; sufficiently covered in water and sediment, that I’ll eat my hat if those things had just landed there. They looked as if they had been there for hours. The real clincher however was the mirror itself: after putting the cover away in the boot, on a hunch, I walked around to the front end and picked up the plastic thing I saw coming down the walk way. Sure enough, it was the side view mirrors plate with the mirror, broken into several pieces, face down, and equally dampened with mud.

All evidence points to someone knocking it off, and conveniently it was the parking space right next to it that was empty this morning.  Don’t you just love Georgia drivers?