Last night I was finally able to catch The Silence of the Lambs, a film I’ve never seen but has been recommended over the years. I must say, it was interesting. The character of Hannibal Lector is facininating, although I don’t condone cannibalism lol.

Lector is recognisably adjusted to his confinement, or should we say, I can understand how it feels to spend so much time with the same four walls, that detail is the spice of life. The thing that really piqued my interest however, is how sharp a mind Hannibal Lector appeared to have. Almost makes me wonder, what I would be like if I was that far off my nut o/. Seriously though, who eats people!? While the subject matter is kind of disturbing, I’m not easily disturbed. The application of a strong mind, is well used in the service of others: even if that is by the catching of criminals. Problem solving is always as interesting, as the challenge to solve it.

Interestingly, my train of thought was almost dead on accurate about how Lector escaped. It was when they opened the hatch on the lift, that my gut feeling really cliqued into place :-D.

Since the film was based on a book, I’m obviously curious whether or not the library has it, which they do. Even more curiously, looking it up on the ‘net shows that it is actually the second of four books, and the library only has the last three :-(. Alas, nothing is perfect.

While I do generally like horror films, if they are able to maintain my interest, or entertain my wit (rare), the former never scare me and I rarely watch them  :-/. The only film to come close to disturbing me, I guess, was 2006s Silent Hill—which only bugs me in the sense that I feel its very graphic violence is done in rather poor taste. I’ve seen worse, lol.

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  1. If you haven't seen the Silence of the Lambs, then I seriously hope you have seen The Shawshank Redemption.


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