• Having an occasional link on SpiderMonkey’s docs that actually throws you to MDN, is rather tiresome.
  • GDB doesn’t always like dlopen()’ing a library that depends on (p)threads, using LD_PRELOAD fixes.
  • Reading a functions documentation over again is more useful than a debugger, especially when you’re tired.
  • Lua’s C API is really spoiling me.
  • I know better than to git commit without sleep.
  • Hmm, I wonder how long it would take this old laptop to compile V8… heh, can’t be that bad.

For now my plan is grab a quick snack, check the server list, and pass out sometime around dawn, then review the files in the morning. Sometime when I’m fresh, I need to focus on an interface between C++ and the engines loaded by Cassius. The partial SpiderMonkey and unfinished V8 support can largely wait until later.

Of course, the reason why I named the base class for embedding a language ‘Engine’ rather than sometime more conventional, is in order to have a ‘Cassius::V8Engine’ in there, haha!