OK, now I an officially surprised with life. Years ago I had applied to some tech jobs and was turned down via automated emails sometime later. Fast forward to the present, and I actually hear something from one of those companies lol.

Being more than a wee bit suspicious of things coming in out of the blue. Like seriously, what’s the probability? What personal info that I have revealed, can be found trivially about me by any one doing their home work decently, so I’m not worried. The thing that bought that much level of trust out of me, was being told facts about the app’ I had dropped in (when, to where, to what), that no one but me could know: assuming that such a reputable company didn’t bungle their security, and no one was sniffing packets off our wires at the time.  It’s kind of like having a message from someone with a pre shared key that you trust, enough not to redirect to /dev/null but not enough to drop the deflector screen.

The real question is whether or not it leads to a viable job offer; I’ve no idea whether or not that one job interview will bear fruit. The insane thing, lacking a B.S. I’ve largely given up applying to tech jobs a long time ago, so recently I have focused on finding “Conventional” jobs in my area rather than things worth the effort.

Every thing that has come up in the past few weeks, all of them have been tech related!!! Sometimes I really wonder if someone up there has a sense of humour, one like mine anyway. But interviews, calls, and emails, still isn’t being hired, even if it is an improvement. Computers are one of the things that know the most about out of everything I know, computers are what I’ve spent most of the decade glued to and what I’ve been using most of my life. Wouldn’t it be bloody nice, if someone hired me to do something “Interesting” with them for a change?