Early yesterday morning, I got an e-mail from someone interested in a rounder with some ability at rails, and asking about my availability. Decided to sleep on it after doing a quick review of the company. I wonder what’s changed, that I haven’t been getting so many doors slammed in my face :-/. Spent most of the day focused on a branch of Cassius.

Sometime after setting my laptop on the table and firing up the desktop for a quick game break between interruptions, when checking the laptop, I noticed a pop up message saying something about an incoming call. Loading the stuff on my desktop crashed the game, but well, it was worth it lol. Seems the business that had me in for an interview wants me to show up again, and it sounds like things are going to another level :-). One condition is that I get a GED, which perfectly plays to my favour: that means I can get it sooner rather than later. Since then, I’ve mostly been trying to get stuff in order via an action plan. I figure, may as well have everything sorted and ready to roll, straighten up the car, etc and maybe hit the library a bit, hehe. I like things being organised.

The real twist of my brains interest circuits, the companies name is very similar to someone I’ve known for years. Similar enough that I’m getting finger twisted, and have to re-read the names as I type them lol.