Crankin’ up the radio

I’ve got to admit, friends are right in that actually sleeping from time to time is a good idea.  The last few weeks has been spent on minimal sleep levels, as usual for me. Thursday night/Friday morning, I just skipped sleeping, wasn’t tired until like 1100 Friday, and that only lasted like fifteen-twnety minutes, then caught up with me half a day later. I took a friends advice and got some rest, rather than waiting until the 29th, now I’m super charged again. Guess I’ll try and take it easy for a while, rather than focusing on how much stuff I can get done in spare time.

Of course though, my idea of taking it easy is nothing like sitting on my ass, hahaha! Going to get things shifted about, go through my back log of cleaning. I would like to transition to a more normal sleep routine, but that remains to be seen. I also need to get a few things sorted on Cassius, been refining things on the one branch for a while but haven’t had time to step back and prepare it for commit; once things are sorted and I’ve selected a branch to merge into the mainline, I’ll schedule time to sit back and do a review of things. After that I’ll probably find a safe place for storing it, as safe guard against all my computers popping a cork o/. I’m one of those backup freaks lol.

Over the years, I’ve spent enough of my life running on reserves that a little quality R&R gets me pumped up. I’m also not the kind of person who likes to be idle that much, programming at least exercises my thinking muscles a little bit. Right now I feel like I could jog twenty miles, but my feet would keep me if I did that! Actually, it’s kind of funny. When I was a little kid, inside my own head I always used to refer to my energy levels as “Normal”, “Auxiliary”, “Reserve”, and “Emergency” power. As an adult, my batteries don’t recharge so fast any more, sure as hell don’t last as long either: but consistently, the endurance level is still there lol. The real question is whether or not that’ll hold through to when I’m old, grey, and lucky if I can still piss under my own steam >_>.

The things that get me tired tend to differ from “Norms”, maybe it’s because I’m insane or that I hate having nothing to work on, dunno. Either way, time to crank up the radio, get off the PC for a bit, and get stuff done.

Crazy way of relaxing, eh?