Dang I just struck a double early off a late, lol.

Overslept this morning until my brain remembered the alarm clock had already gone off! Still I made it to work with plenty of time to spare. Plus I left work on time and hit the traffic jams just right, got home at a good time. In plenty of time for dinner of course :-D.

Can you really beat getting to work early and marginal traffic on the way home on a Monday?

The company I’m working for is basically doing an 8-hour work day. Since I’m in front of a code editor most of the time, there isn’t that much that can just ‘Explode’ into late hours right now, so I’ve generally been leaving a little bit late or on time, and getting there early. If I’m supposed to put in an 8 hour day, that’s what I’ll do, but I’m more concerned about getting to work early than I am about leaving on time. I don’t care much if, e.g. I’m 20 minutes late leaving work. So long as things get done!!! It’s like yeah, could get most of X wrapped up tonight… but not get off work when I am technically “Supposed to”, so I do what I can and maintain notes.

I keep a note of what I need to do next time, what to do before I leave, on what I’m working on, etc. Bonus points being, that those notes are separate from my personal ones, so I can’t screw up finding them again lol.

Things seem to be pretty cushy compared to what I’ve been subject to over the years. Thanks to time spent in my mother’s business, I’m no stranger to a work day that can leave you feeling FUBAR, or that burns through time like a sieve. Want to really see your time fly, try working 0400-2000. That will shaft you; I spent several months doing that back in cica 2008. Most of the stuff with ma’s business however, was usually crammed into 4-6 hour days. From my own time on the computer @ home, I’m basically used to working on things until I pass out, so that’s closer to 20-hour days sans food/bathroom/interrupts.

Unlike home, an interrupt at work is more like an occasional knock on the door jam. It’s down right peaceful… kind of funny really. Past few months, I’ve been thinking about how tired I am of always being burned through but never having time to recharge. Regular 8-hour days seem to be rejunvinating me.

Out of all the things I’ve experienced, I never thought I could look forward to having to get up and go to work!

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  1. That sounds very good mate!

    Glad you like your new job and that you've time to recharge… That’s important. ^^

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