Today was a good change: back to work!!! Like being thankful the holidays are over and it’s back to business.

Out of the holiday torture, I broke out $5 (steam sale, hehe) for a copy of Tomb Raider: Anniversary, which is essentially a remake of the original and legendary Tomb Raider. I haven’t really played the games since ’96, and didn’t care much for II and III. The first game was really, the only one I ever liked—because it was more about the tomb raiding than the gun fights. Years later it ain’t all that different, except Lara Croft looks more like a woman than a collection of square panels.

Some things are different, like working with the grappling hook (I don’t ever remember that) and some puzzles but it is close enough to the original, that I could probably dig up an old TR1 strategy guide and figure it out lol. For the most part though, I prefer solving and exploring on  my own.

It’s been my way to de-stress.