It’s actually comforting to be able to look over my commit and merge logs for the past two weeks and see how much stuff I’ve gotten done. When combined with the rest of my work flow, it’s especially helpful in keeping track what’s left to do, and finding what else needs doing lol.

I must say though, that I’m looking forward to the weekend: tomorrow I get to sleep past dawn!!!! Can’t say what is worse really, staying in bed as long as possible to minimize my mothers opportunities to annoy me, or having to roll out of bed ahead of the dawn in order to get on the pinhead express ASAP. My bodies gotten used to the concept go to bed by N, wake up by M, and I make sure that N includes enough hours for me to actually fall alseep. Ohh, I can hardly wait until the move is over.


  • First alarm at 0600
  • Failsafe alarm at 0615
  • Reach the nearest Interstate before 0700, preferably be on the next Interstate by then.
  • Come to a grinding halt as soon as Cobb County enters the picture, if it’s a /good/ day!
  • Wish they would blow the GA-400 of doom off the cotton pickin’ map.
  • Soar from just past the GA-400 exit all the way to my exit, a couple up the bypass.
  • Wrestle through yet more pinheads for a half hour or more worth of traffic, regularly backed up 3-lights long.
  • Reach work ~112km/70mi away, sometime between 0800 and 0830.
  • Go bananas until lunch cica 1100’ish.
  • Have to remember I need to get out of here around 1600 if I’m going to reach the I-75 **** **** before ************ pinheads back up traffic to several cities beyond where I work.
  • hope to get home around 1800-1815.


  • Drift out of bed sometime after 0800
  • Get to work sometime near 0900
  • Casually drift through bumper to bumper to damn bumper traffic with a smile.
  • Leave roughly 8 hours later
    • Enjoy being able to stay later if I’m focused on some project.
    • Figure out something to do if the traffic is worse than ever.
  • Go back to bumper to bumper traffic for 16~18km/10-12mi on the way home.
  • Not have to give a crap when I go to bed, as long as dawns still several hours away.
People are getting on edge about the rising cost of petrol, me? Well, I calculated that subject to traffic, after everything is done, my fuel budget would become about $200/month if petrol reaches $5/gal. That’s a major shit load less than what I’ve been spending a month, and my last budget was balanced to $3.20/gal and average actual costs around $2.90/gal-$3/gal.
So I’m gonna have a crude grin on my face if this works lol.