Well, it is pretty much done: my life packed. There’s just a few things here and there that are essentially, stuff it in a bag at the last minute and go. It does make you think a bit, seeing over twenty years crammed into a normal closet worth of boxes and bags. Or should I say, compared to many people, a micro-closet lol.

Excluding computers and related crapola, just about everything I’m taking is a book of some sort. I must have like three and a half pieces of luggage dominated with books; mostly Fiction. Something that isn’t technically a book but not far off, is my fathers old photo albums. There’s not much that I’m taking.

I wish I could say that I had a lot of happy memories, but I don’t. I’ve known for quite a while now, that when it would come time to open a new chapter in my life, that I would close this one by singing to a Taylor Swift song.