Today more or less started with waking up after midnight, from weather pounding so hard that you would think houses are going to fly. Well, seems not to much went wrong but it would be a good day to own swim fins. Around Atlanta, we kind of have a problem on the road, when the asphalt gets wet, it starts giving off a moron gas causing instant stupidifcation of most Georgia drivers, it is’ not tooo late for that. Anyway, the guy doing the traffic reports on 94.9 this morning, started joking that they would need to fly out some specialists to investigate a new phenomenon in the Atlanta area: rain causing trucks to become magnetized! Two trucks, eight cars, in two separate wrecks. One of them was truck+six cars.

Coming through Norcross this morning was stupitacular! The light over by Spalding Drive was out, and where it crosses the Georgia 141. So essentially, we have two lanes going each way, plus turn lanes, and a traffic light flashing red. Well, you would think it is kind of easy when the regs say, light out = treat it like a four way stop. I didn’t dare count how many times people came close to a fender bender. By the time I was next in line to go, I saw the third car in what was supposed to be a group of two shooting through: he stopped like two inches from somebodies fender, and I’m thinkin’ “You twit!” as this moron nearly cracks up. Don’t think he was even in the right freaking lane to turn. I swear, only 30-40% of people in Georgia seem to know how to drive. This reminds me of an old Death’s Head II comic, called Psychotic when wet.

I’ve also sandwiched in and live fire tested some tweaks to my note taking system. In addition to using the Viki plugin for VIM, I now have things automatically committed to a git repository (but not on the ‘hub lol) and a script that is able to deplate them into HTML for browsing at work, excluding private stuff. Sometime when I have time outside of work, I’ll screw with a script to run a web server on it, but only when connected to the companies internal network.

On the upside, the commute home was splendid as can be. And hope that if someone had to stand out at Spalding, directing traffic, that he gets hazard pay and a vacation lol.