Think one down side of work is that I keep freaking wake up around then, even on my days off! Dreamland at least was refreshing, although the progression infantry->zombies->aliens is rather tiring, especially when the aliens are bullet proof :|.

On the upside though, I was reading about nVidia’s GTX560s, which pretty much makes me retire my intention of  going with an ATI/AMD {5,6}8{5,7}0 grade hardware with a comparable nVidia card. Eh, what can I say, I’m more partial to Intel and nVidia than their competitors. I also have a rather poor opinion of ATI’s stuff, or should we say I’m not fond of them.

In looking at the prices of hardware and how sharply it has fallen, I also feel rather old. Even worse when I consider that in 3-4 pay cheques of saving I could built quite a nice computer. But I would much rather pour that towards putting together a vacation plan than replacing SAL1600. Although, I do admit that if Dead Island requires newer hardware, I’m buying it. But I only expect to require a better graphics card, unless like a Quad Core is required lol.