Was just watching an odd film, while Repo Men is probably not going to win any wards, I at least found it interesting. Regardless of ones view points on research and cloning, unless you are the “If GOD had meant man to fly, HE would have given him wings” type—using bio-technology to replace present day organ transplants is a good thing. After all, how many of us would want to watch someone we care for die just because they need a new heart, or something like that? I could totally see myself ending up in John Q‘s boots.

The jist of Repo men is that you can now do an organ transplant on credit. Just like a car or a PC, you can even purchase a warranty! But, if you miss your payments, the Repo Men are coming to collect. Whether that means cutting out a kidney, lung, heart, whatever you owe. Of course the future not being totally black, they are legally obligated to ask if you wish for EMTs standing by to chart you off to the emergency room to die, if they didn’t have to TASER your ass to gut you of course ^_^.
Simply put, it really is not a pretty line of work. Yeah, jacking someone’s Lexus over a late payment is one thing but ripping a heart out is a bit eh, unfriendly? lol. A highly successful repo man named Remy has to deal with his wife pushing him to transfer to the sales department. This is of course all well and good, until an accident on the job lands Remy in need of an artificial heart, on credit. Now unable to afford the organ keeping him alive, Remy is forced to watch his entire life crumble into ruin as final notice passes him by. Then it all hits the fan royally.
The ending is kind of sad but appropriate, maybe it will make more or less sense depending on your thoughts about the universe but the movie is well worth the watching. +/- the question of whether you faint at the sight of a scalpel. Hmm, the book is probably worth a read too.