Loving it!

Lately, I’ve been using my netbooks ability to go into suspend and hibernate a lot. To be honest, I’ve never had much use for it int he past: Dixie was usually on battery whenever it was idle, and under most *nix operating systems, there were problems getting it to resume (FreeBSD 6.0-8.1), or the touchpad would stop working (Linux 2.6). With Alice however it works perfectly, aside from the display will sometimes stay blanked on resume from suspend to RAM (sleep) mode. It has happened once in a few hundred sleeps. That however, I can fix by manually manipulating /sys/power/state to put the system back to sleep, then wake it again. Yes, I don’t reboot a lot.

At one point, I had Alice running for nearly two or three weeks non stop, before I finally forgot to plug it in on sleep mode lol. Right now, since there are often longer stretches after work where I don’t get back to the system, I will usually put it into hibernate mode and throw it in my backpack. It’s actually faster to resume from hibernate, than load a fresh session >_>.

Something that I have also noticed as a side effect of my new shell/x profile setup, is with how I do services, if I boot the system when there is no network available, like at a red light, then when I return home and come out of suspend: the shell scripts will detect that I’ve gone from no-network to connecting to my wifi, which means launching my “services” profile :-).