So much for being nice

My mother’s puppy, Corky, just showed me the point of being nice to trouble.

So I’m sitting here, writing some code, when Willow starts liking my face/hands; ugh that’s hard to type when she goes after my fingers. So after a bit I got up to wash off the dog slobber. While Willow was licking my face, Corky lept on the bed as he usually does in the morning, and curled up to nap.

Being nice since he hadn’t done any harm lately, I petted him politely and decided to take a morning leak while I was up. Well guess what? The little son of a bitch decided to do the same, exact thing—only he used my pillow instead of the potty papers. My new official threat is no longer to sit on his head, rather it is if there is ever a zombie apocalypse, he is going to be used as a food source!

If he had pissed on alice (my netbook), he would have officially made THE LIST. Good thing I put it on the stand by the bed, instead of leaving it on the bed, as I usually do….