Right, I have lost all respect for Microsoft

After recently reformatting the Windows NT box (I tend to every year or two), I did install Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition out of my ISO for the whole show. Well, finally I got around to opening a project file (after generating it with premake4 ofc). Running off the default settings, I went ahead and compiled, then I ende dup standing here “WTF, where is the button to clean gone?”

Then I clicked on the thing to enable “Expert” settings and was elightened. I don’t know if it is just beause it’s the Express Edition rather than the Professional Edition or something, but I just lost my last tread of respect for Microsoft—I used to think they knew how to make development tools.

Eh, that reminds me, if anyone holds there breath waiting on C99 support in the C-aware portion, you’ll die.

3 thoughts on “Right, I have lost all respect for Microsoft”

  1. I don't use the Visual Studio IDE unless I'm to lazy to run msbuild/vcbuild by hand.

    On OSX, I doubt I would care to use XCode for an IDE either.


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