This makes me angry

Interesting little cluster of stuff:

  1. Phone power level is critical, standard android message to connect the charger comes up.
  2. SD card unmounted for reasons unknown!
  3. The carriers account app gives me a notification saying
    that I should reboot my phone because it has been 49
    hours past the reccomended frequency of rebooting. My
    last power up was apparently “August 1st blah blah”.

    It says that they reccomend everyone reboot their phone
    at least once a week in order to improve/maintain

Now why that makes me angry? Why the fuck would I want to reboot my phone? If
you require a reboot for performance reasons, guess what mac? YOU ARE FUCKING
DOING IT WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is exactly one device that I reboot for performance reasons: my Windows
machine, since games performance tends to suffer after a day or two of uptime.

My OpenBSD server reboots for kernel upgrades and power outages, or if the
weather outside is raining cats, dogs, and zombies, I may decide to
power down as a cheesy form of insurance..

My Linux powered netbook reboots when I decide I that I would d rather power
down then go to hibernate or sleep mode with my current session. My workstation
is usually powered off when I leave work and state is maintained on a
development server nearby.

Guess what. My phone only gets a reboot when one of two things happen:

  • Power is so low that I decide to shutdown rather than get a dead battery.
  • The SD card unmounted.

The former rarely occurs as unlike today, as I rarely forget to keep my charger
handy. Where as the latter happens every now and then, and the Android UI won’t
allow me to remount it; the battery is also ontop of the card, making it
impossible to yank and reseat. That happens every couple of months, although
more frequently of late.

Somethings make me angry.