Please, let the mental retardation end!

The day started off with my first alarm going off, and a sinking feeling that if I was smart, I would get up for work at the first alarm rather than the second. Probably ideal, because after a late night I was rather thinking of leaing early and stopping off for dunkin’ but alas, it was not to be.

The royal pain bellows in noting that there is some earth shattering discovery, there has been a recall of ground beef; this one in fact. She forgot to charge her tablet last night and her computer boots to slowly, so obviouly it is my problem to discover this impertive information, as my lunch for the day was made with ground beef. No sickness has been reported yet.

My tickets to Canada are rather highly non refundable and ‘oli escherichiais rather the sort of thing that would get me rejected at the border, so of course, I went through the problem of running Google. Is it so hard to type two words into a box and press enter? My word, I am genuis! Perhaps leaving my computer running, makes me brillant. Sure enough nothing matches what she bought so in theory, it is pretty safe, plus the reports show it was a totally diffrent kind of packaging then what she buys. Good, sounds safe.

Then my mother’s mental retardation caused me to facepalm into a morning headache. She didn’t want me to get ‘sick’ before my vacation, good reason for see the above paragraph. The WHAT THE FUCK!? how ever is that the same ground beef lunch was made from, we have been eating on pretty steadily for nearly two weeks now. If there was any problem it would probably have been noticed by now. To top it off, lunch is leftovers from several days ago. Meaning if there was an actual risk over 0.00000000001% it would be several orders of magatude to late, and I would already be ill. Totally wasted my time, made me ~20 minutes late, and all for something already obviously a non-issue, and we’ve been in perfect health. Just freaking brillant I tell you, or as my choice of words on the way out were, if there was a problem, her choice of actions would be like telling someone not to cut the red wire right after they’ve already checked into hell.

On the way out to add insult to injury, she begins ranting that customs have been strict lately and what if my computer gets taken away? I note their only interest in my computer should be that it’s the same one I left the US with and that there is nothing illegal on it (does linux count?), which goes for both Canadian and American security. Her useless rant continues towards the direction of border security being omni-potently above the law and able to do just about anything (maybe even murder on the spot?). FUD, FUD, FUD, FUCK OFF RETARD! I am tired of it. I don’t FUD. Go fly a kite. I really am tired of this endless stream of bullshit.

Breakfast became a Pepsiā€”as Coke has less sugar and caffeine. On the upside though, I only had to stop for petrol o/. Would it be rude to say, why don’t I just cut the Fugu myself?