Vacation Planning

I haven’t mentioned much here of my vacation plans, since the majority of it is in my private operational notes. Today or tomorrow I should have the last elements of my vacatio booked. Most of my friends have some good idea of things, where as my mother of course managed to get herself pretty much blacklisted for being an offensive pain. In about ten days though, I should be enjoying a trip to Canada :-).

Perhaps the most fun of all of this planning, was when not only was my best friend shocked that the work-a-holic would be plotting Vacation, but when Miles practically banged his head on the desk after I gave him the details xD.

Only thing left to sort is final packing for my carry-on and rental car. Flight, etc is all booked and ready to go since the start of the month. Travel resouces have consisently given me data in local airport time. My Calendar gives the info in my local home time. And the airline gives Calendar data in UTC. Thus I have things in 3 time zones, that all have checked to be in aggrement. Like wise I expect on top of whatever the airport offers for time pieces, I will have my phone (local home time) and netbook (UTC) with me. Probably my watch will get pressed into use for whatever current local time is.

In short, there is basically no way I can screw up tripply redundant time data :-).

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