Vacation Planning

I haven’t mentioned much here of my vacation plans, since the majority of it is in my private operational notes. Today or tomorrow I should have the last elements of my vacatio booked. Most of my friends have some good idea of things, where as my mother of course managed to get herself pretty much blacklisted for being an offensive pain. In about ten days though, I should be enjoying a trip to Canada :-).

Perhaps the most fun of all of this planning, was when not only was my best friend shocked that the work-a-holic would be plotting Vacation, but when Miles practically banged his head on the desk after I gave him the details xD.

Only thing left to sort is final packing for my carry-on and rental car. Flight, etc is all booked and ready to go since the start of the month. Travel resouces have consisently given me data in local airport time. My Calendar gives the info in my local home time. And the airline gives Calendar data in UTC. Thus I have things in 3 time zones, that all have checked to be in aggrement. Like wise I expect on top of whatever the airport offers for time pieces, I will have my phone (local home time) and netbook (UTC) with me. Probably my watch will get pressed into use for whatever current local time is.

In short, there is basically no way I can screw up tripply redundant time data :-).

vim ~/blog

2007-10-05 22:41:29 :

Well, we are here… mostly un packed. Ma is out to the store picking up a few
things while I watch the dogs (and try to catch up on work via laptop). I won’t
have an internet connection while I’m here so I left my PCMCIA Card at home. I’m
keeping a text file (~/blog) handy so I can record things and post when I get
home. I haven’t had much time lately… Past few days have been very hectic. I’m
glad though that we should be back some time Sunday, hopefully the unpacking
will be done before Monday…. lool. My luggage amounts to my Laptop, a bag of
spare cloths (2 sets) in case of emergency. A bag of misc. Stuff that I’ll
probably never open (DVD’s and a book). A box of HW, bottle of soda, and at ma’s
insistence. An old blanket and a small pillow. Basically 10-15% of what she
packed hehehe.

2007-10-06 00:35:38 :

It has proved impossible to concentrate in this situation (she’s back). The more I
move, the more I cough. And the harder I try not to move the more often I have
to get up!!! Been passing time with mindless runs of Doom II (via FreeDoom wads
and prboom engine). And a bit of Tetris via GNU Emacs and KSirtet. Supper will
be done soon and my mind is almost mush all ready…. What do I have to do to
get some fscking time to study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-10-06 13:44:03 :

Finished the book about 0235 last night. Washer is loaded, supplies for cleaning
brought in. I have very little interest in helping ma clean.. Now or later. The
one morning I have a chance to sleep late(r then normal work starting hours)….
With the way I’ve been treated, as far as I’m concerned she should find her self
a new slave. Pull the strings hard enough and this puppet will bite if you try
to make one of him. I’ve had it. I want out of this damn business.. But no way
out seems possible. At least until her pension comes in.. Then I’ll have some
chance of escape in the future…… Stuck working usual hours… on one of
those very rare days when I have 24 hours in which to complete my assigned
tasks….. ( Insert screams of aggravation here ).

2007-10-06 15:43:43 :

Most of my work is done, I can’t continue til she is finished… So I’m sitting
down. Her orders were to only do the minimal. So I was able to get done quickly.
I have to be done with all of my work, before she is finished upstairs… Other
wise it’s not pretty. Thus when it comes to working here, I am able to clean
very expediently!! I even got the carpets on the stairs done. Not really
necessary or minimal requirement. But it hasn’t been done in a while, so I did
it. Maybe if she doesn’t send me AFK every five minutes. I can *actually* learn
some thing before I have to load the supplies. For choice of todays studies I
basically have the Lions Book (A commentary on the UNIX V6 Kernel source code)
and R^5RS (The Scheme language standard) to choose from. If all else fails, well
I guess there is always Free Doom and The Battle For Wesnoth =/

2007-10-06 23:59:24 :

Headache….. Between he dogs. ma, the TV (blasting), and my sister (dropping
by). It is very hard to concentrate here.. But I’ve managed to brush up a bit on
my Python knowledge. I was working on a Ruby program earlier, got tired. And
thought I would switch to some thing different. I’m stuck on the stairs since my
chair has been taken =/. Oh well… still might be loud in hear but at least I’m
near electricity. I gave up on hearing things hours ago, the TV is just to dang
loud.. My mother has bad hearing in one ear (and I hate repeating my self 3-4
*).. While I generally have pretty good hearing for sound, if not understanding
words from a distance. So needless to say, most any thing she does is _LOUD_ for
me =/.

Finally home. Day started 0739 with getting ready to leave. By 1045 I was home eating a moon pie. despite the some what hectic nature of getting ready to leave early, I’m glad for it.

Overall…. I’ve gotten a little better at blasting Imps with a Shotgun in DooM II. Playing Tetris out of GNU Emacs and KDE Games. Finished the book I started eariler in the week. I did get a little time to work on reading more of the Lions Book. I also got a lot of work done trying to write a Unix Shell in pure Ruby. But I never got to lay a finger to learning Scheme. Which is exactly what I wanted to do lol. And why I installed the Scheme48 implementation and got a copy of R^5RS before leaving on the trip. Even got some time to brush up on Python, not a language I use often but still a good one.

// Note to self, use less hyperlinks in the future.