Finally, a real domain cometh!

Assuming that I actually set stuff up correctly, soon should finally be associated with my website. Which has yet to actually be used for much of anything yet, except a few map files and a semi-private voice service. As soon things are done, I will attempt to make point to this blog as an alias. I know plenty enough abotu web development, it’s just I am so darn lazy about getting stuff put up, given that when I’m not working, I’m usually interested in hanging out with a certain Firefly…hehe.

For how bloody long it took me to get all of my content here, I am not interested in leaving Blogger right now. Maybe someday I will transition to some software package, or write my own, but I am perfectly happy with Blogger—and the only “Mainstream” package I know for running it myself, is WordPress: which can suck rotten eggs and die as far as I am concerned. So unless I get an intense interest in writing web blogging software, nothing will change, except there will be multiple ways to access my blog :-).

Both and should refer to THIS website. There is no significant difference, except some more ‘advanced users‘ of my journal/blog may experience issues if they are using bots that do not understand redirections.

Which one should be considered canonical, well that is up to peoples bookmarks and Google.

2 thoughts on “Finally, a real domain cometh!”

  1. Legally hosting a dedicated server from a home is somewhat difficult with many U.S. ISPs, as their T.O.S. generally say it is a major GTFOH issue.

    I have it hosted with a company that I know/trust, and have had that running for like 4 or 5 months now. I just haven't gotten around to setting up the website portions until now lololol, so I didn't need a domain to start with.

    As I get more interested in Android development, having a name spacing my crap should fall under tld.spidey01, terryp, or my email address. So having a real to match com.spidey01.packagename feels logical. I do admit, I did check to see if my family name was available first (it wasn't).

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