Today, my mother wanted to know how much cash she could borrow next week. Having just paid off a stack of stuff, she’d have to wait until my next pay cheque or take it against my credit card.

I had decided to “Fire” her from the grocery shopping, i.e. rather than giving her a budget to shop with ($500/month), I’d do it myself—because she proves in capable of sticking to that. I tried paying the rent (over $700) and she racked up debt against my pocket money for vacation. Hasn’t paid back a dime. To try and be *nice*, I opted for a unique option….swap groceries for bills. Which I’ve paid off ^^.

The concept there, being yet again, if I’m doing that, she isn’t entitled to more…my most recent Google+ entry shows how much debt she’s already in. Prior to taking on bills  in exchange for not firing her. I wanted an formal (and witnessed) agreement that she’s not allowed to borrow any more $$$, and the bills in  my name; but I never got around to that first detail.

This time, I’m requiring it + a pay in full clause as a perquisite to loaning her any more money.