Today while I was pacing the lunch room, waiting on my lunch to finish microwaving. I came to a bit of a conclusion; concepts such as deductive reasoning and mathematical induction generally apply.

Over the span of my life thus far, my mother has been opposed to every “Good thing” in my life. Except one: getting into church. That one good thing only happened because she was presuing her own interests, I just got dragged along for the ride. Like wise, by the flipside of that coin, pro to just about everything that has had reaching negative impact on my life.

That gives me two thoughts about life at present: A.) I’m probably on the right track (Thanks mom) and B.) at least my mother is consistent.

Maybe I can never expect my mother to ever be aligned with ‘good’ for me so much as what she wants (and assumes therefore must be best). But at least I can generally count on my mother being consistent, easily anticipated, and generally annoying. Most of her present behaviours, I calculated the probability of when I was what, like 8? LOL! I like consistency and determinism. It aligns with my concept of ‘order’ in the universe instead of pure randomness.

That being said, I think I would actually worry if my mother didn’t approuch any good thing in my life, as if it was a radioactive time bomb about to obliterate the known universe. Even more so knowing my mother.