When dreaming of being lead down a shaft by Kurtwood Smith and into an extreme Xenomorph infestation with a bunch of hapless pulse rifle totting goons in jumpsuits, always remember to bring Ripley’s flamethrower–and extra tanks of flame sauce for when things go south. Bringing a few marines with M56 Smart Guns wouldn’t hurt either but my dream didn’t include any such support :'(

I find this somewhat curious since most times my dreams are filled with xenomorphs: usually my experience takes on the role of running around in the USCM’s ol’ M3 armour and assorted armaments. Or just myself. Like that one knife fight with an Alien Queen many years ago. But dreams are weird.

It’s probably appropriate though that the flamethrower design was closer to the ’92 action figure I had as a kid than the M240 Incinerator Unit we see in the second film Ellen Ripley’s action figure featured a rather more dedicated approach to flamethrower action.

But in any case: I say roast them all.