The Verge: A portable Bluetooth cassette tape player brings retro audio into 2019.

Not sure what’s worse: that someone actually thought of this or that I like the idea.

For better or worse I pretty much made the conversion from compact cassette tapes to audio files on a computer; largely bypassing CDs and the once common MP3 player. Thus prior to two thousand something, any music I have is either on tape or you’re counting my parents record collection 🤣.

And there’s just not that much stuff laying around that supports cassette anymore, lol.

Last time I moved, I had found a tape off some of my dad’s taste in music. Shortly debated if I wanted to break out my mother’s boombox (don’t ask) or not. In the end I decided to take a ride as the car I had at the time was a simple radio + cassette unit. Well let’s just say that the car option isn’t so there anymore 😜.