Testing a pair of headphones, what is the first thing I fire off? P!nk’s Funhouse!

So far for a cheap pair of headphones the Mpow H7 Plus definitely exceed my ears requirements but I wouldn’t recommend it for anything base heavy. Sometimes headphones are more convenient than my antique 2.1 system, which usually means having to jack my Xbox headset into its AUX IN or Centauri’s motherboard.

Ordinarily, I think I’d just get a second pair of AF32s as I’ve been very happy with my pair from back in ’13. But the prices on the current gen are a bit too steep for my blood. Unlike the pair I use with my tablet there isn’t a 50% off deal.

But that’s where in lays the rub. When I want to use headphones it’s a bother to screw with things. When you’re turned into a dog chair sometimes having a wire between your desk and head isn’t convenient and neither is repairing devices often. Being cheap and lazy has its side effects.