Catching up on Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket – s01e14 – Thats a Secret.
Fruits Basket – s01e13 – How Have You Been, My Brother?

Catching up on the last several weeks, I find episodes 13 and 14 both remarkably great and strongly contrasting. These are both episodes I’d clip if Crunchyroll had something like Hulu’s “My Episodes” feature.

13 is a fairly light hearted episode fueled by twisted humor, in a sense of twisted. While rather endears it to my funny bone thanks to the antics of the senior generation. I’m pretty sure that Ayame, Hatori, and Shigure would have been an entertaining handful in their youth.

14 on the other hand if painted in a totally different, more somber shade. The story of Momiji and his family is one that I think serves well to bring out his statement in the end. Humanity would do well to remember Momiji’s view about memories; Tohru’s reactions being both very human and very Tohru, IMHO. The visit to her mother’s grave also stands in contrast to the rest of the episode while keeping the somber attitude despite some rather fun “Crimson Butterfly” highlights along the way. We can but conclude as usual that Tohru’s mother was quite a person.

Both are great episodes, but for different reasons.