Mobile Suit Gundam Anime That Started It All Launches on Crunchyroll.

Now there’s a surprise. Crunchyroll has long had plenty of Gundam series available, but I don’t recall anyone carrying the original series. Thus why /dev/shelf contains the Blu-ray 😉.
Don’t think that I’ve watched the entire series from end to end in a decade plus. But it’s definitely one worth watching. I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the animation style from back then, so much as Gundam’s One Year War era.

 Sometimes it’s hard to gauge whether he’ll hath frozen over a few more degrees, or if I should be hopeful.

Crunchyroll’s Fire TV app has been upgraded to “2.0”, making an experience more like what their iPad app has been like for quite a while now. Even more so than the redone Xbox One app from a while back, but that’s probably because Android and iOS have more in common.

Being less useful to me, I don’t use the iPad app much unless I’m working around bugs in the old Fire TV app, like how it would like to only list partial data; like showing several European dub and omitting the English sub version from the UI.

Thus far the new app doesn’t seem to have any obvious bugs, and brings the more useful data set the iPad app does. Somewhat slow, but hey, at least the fucker works. I’m usually just glad if their (often crappy) apps work without death by buggy crash happy software.

Of course my test of the app? KonoSuba!!!

Watching this week’s episode of My Next Life as a Villianess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, I find myself quite amused.

While studying in the library, a few characters lead to prepare tea and sweets as Catarina and most of the cast are sucked into a book of desires. Things largely proceed like a set of clips from some meh romance novels as character’s desires are played out, causing Mary to smoosh the book shut and threaten its destruction. Sophia may even have out done the princes when it comes to it…
And then we finally get to Lady Catarina’s desire. She was starving when this began: so a house of candy shows up like something out of Hansel and Gretel. Followed by much eating, until it explodes, and she makes like a vacuum eating candy until finally exploding. After which the book spits everyone out. Most of the male cast eventually flees in embarrassment. Meanwhile Mary and Maria suppose that rather than her desire being met, since sweets weren’t real: her desire kept growing until even the book couldn’t take anymore. Then the camera cuts to her enjoying sweets in the background.
Yes, I am both strangely amused, and share Catarina’s desire  ^_^

One of the metrics I have for software is encountering bugs. That is to say if you really use a program a lot: you will eventually find bugs, even if they’re not epic ones. For really good software that you really use a lot: these things don’t happen often.

Well, somewhere in between a nice little repeatable for the Crunchyroll app on Fire TV. In the queue view (haven’t tried others): if you click the tile for a show, and then quickly hit a movement key on the remote: you’ll get the episode information, but the background art will be for the show last selected; hitting view series details will also go to the last selected show rather than the clicked one.

I’d be drunk to ever claim Crunchyroll’s apps don’t tend to suck more often than not, but I did find this bug amusing.

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In cycling back to ReZdro, where I left off at the subjugation of the white whale: I’m reminded that all great battles, should probably be fought in the name of love; and sometimes you’ve just gotta lead off with following the two idiots up front….lol.

Also pretty sure that eating the old man’s beloved wife was the biggest mistake the white whale ever made. Followed by the whole thing with Rem’s death in the Return By Death process that lead Subaru into this insanity.

Yes, never piss these folks off.

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Okay, as the ROFL continues, I’m definitely calling this worth watching.

The scene with her “Hijacking” the bullying event in the name of sweets, and giving them the death glare, especially made me laugh my ass off. Not to mention there’s several such awesome scenes in this week’s episode….lol

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Okay, I figured it would probably be amusing, and I was right, lol.

Particularly like the planning committee inside her head, and how the princes proposal kind of ends up with her going “Oh, shoot!” at failing to dodge such a clear doom flag. Once Keith shows up, amusement continues, and her efforts seem more successful.

Because who doesn’t want to be the villainess in an otome game, who either ends up exiled or killed in every boy’s route? 😄.

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After how last week’s episode ended, I rather love the solution that Iruma, and his friends come up with. I may also have busted out giggling by the time Kuromu finds out what the heck is happening on stage.

Misc thoughts from this weekend’s R&R cycle

Getting caught up on Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, I was rather happy to see the festival conclude with a happier note. It’s also nice to see another surprise musical number from Clara and her family, which much like the first, was pretty freaking great.

Netflix’s Locke & Key seems worth watching based on the first half, and Marianne is a horror series well worth watching if you like scary stuff. Take the former for the story, and the latter for the chills.

Kemono Michi has been sitting in my Hulu queue since it started. By the time Genzo suplexed the princess, I was pretty sure it was going to be an entertaining series. And yes, it has, mostly because of his craziness, lol.