That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime – s01e24.5 – Tales: Veldora’s Diary.

Cycling back to finish the season, and catch up to the recent OVA, I’m kinda enjoying the extra episode in between.

After Ifrit got gnoshed back in episode 7, we only saw a glimpse of Veldora greeting him. The point five episode serves kind of like an annoying commentary track as Veldora and Ifrit chat and play Shogi. Despite being a bit of a villan, Ifrit ends up rather polite company for the Storm Dragon.

Given the “Interesting” personality that Veldora exhibits in the series’ beginning, and that he doesn’t really reappear in a serious way, I find this strangely fitting. Hey, if you spent over 300 years locked in a cave, you might become a lonely tsundere of a dragon!

Strangely interesting episode ^_^.

Edit: oh my @#$% was the finish funny 🤣.