Sigh, floating around the Internet I find there are a lot more light novels translated then I had hoped. In fact there’s even a notable one who seems to have distribution with most major e-book and remaining channels for p-books. Which is kind of nice as I prefer have preferences when it comes to those e-book platforms.

Better or worse danger when a series you enjoyed is also available :/.

I am reminded that the upside to being a kid was always having time to read. The upside to being an adult is having money to buy a book every now and then without having to trade any in at the used bookstore (good luck finding those). The quasi constant is unless there is never enough storage space for physical books.

Sadly, one of my favourite stories originated as a LN series and to my knowledge has never been translated. The anime and manga adaptions did make it over the English, and I have both, but the original source material remains Japanese only and well beyond my parser level :'(.