While my dogs are mostly unphased by the local fireworks, pardoning when some folks get a little crazy, I’m often reminded of this comic on The Oatmeal:

For the most part, it still seems appropriate.

Longer version of something I scrolled past on D*, and very worth it: Zen Pencils: Stephen King The Desk.

As someone who appreciates a spacious desk, and knows the grumbles of a rather small one, I too would kinda take the L in the corner over the t.rex desk, lol.

Watching Stumptown, I think I’m definitely going to enjoy this series and how full of character is. Characters make entertaining stories.

Also, I’m not sure what’s worse: how much Dex’s car reminds me of the two most significant Fords in my life thus far, or that I too, would probably take that deal for the price, lol.