The way a box full of crap in the closet works:

  1. Didn’t I have Zeonic Front for the PlayStation 2?
  2. Gah, to much crap to check huge box without taking the shit off the lid.
  3. Take all the stuff out of closet.
  4. Drag box out to living room.
  5. Sneeze. A few times.
  6. Rummage through everything three times.
  7. Huh, not here!? Where else would I have kept it.
  8. You know what? Screw this.
  9. Find somewhere less troublesome to store this crap.
And if I had just went with the emulator approach I’d probably be done by now, versus trying to find the actual disc for my PlayStation 2.
On the flip side my overflow area for books has enough room to hold the remains of my PC floppy and ‘D-ROM, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2 game collections.