Well, I can at least say Hey, Siri does the one thing I use OK, Google for.

My typical use case is something like this: “OK, Google: remind me at 17:30 to do laundry.” For a long time now my main beef has been that marking things done from the notification never works. Which bloats anything that displays reminders. Of late even trying to save a reminder has sucked: either the save button just because spins and saves it, or I answer the voice feedback and instead of saving the reminder it converts my answer into a web search. Glory of updates I expect.

When you consider my phone is an Android One device running on Fi, and this crap has been going on long enough that I’ve finally stopped using the feature a few weeks ago, it doesn’t bode well. Weeks of the voice thing, months of the spiny save button, and years of no concept of done. Kinda fed up.

“Hey, Siri: remind me at 17:30 to do laundry.”
It actually saved the thing.
The notification opened a reminders app and made me check it done.
Oh, wow it’s actually working!