An expensive but delicious smorgasbord.

Probably a 1/3 can of garbanzo beans (69¢), a bag of frozen peppers/onions ($1~$1.29) that had a seasoned date with a skillet, rice with furikake and soy sauce, and a baked yellowfin tuna fillet (usually $6.99 for 3 frozen fillets). I think the fish was on “Please, someone just buy it” or near BOGO level sale pricing last time I bought fish.

Willow was somewhat less thrilled when permission to taste the tuna fillet was denied, but got her own meat and veggie gravy yummy dog food after dinner. Followed by a regular dog treat, lol. Ditto for Misty and Corky, accept they didn’t try and put their snoot on my foot.

There’s two things that Willow has a high likelihood of attempting theft: fish and chicken. Other than that, she tends to be pretty good about not trying to steal off my plate.