10 Best Tsundere Characters In Anime, Ranked

Not a bad list, IMHO, and mostly from series worth watching.

Most of the characters also have particularly strong relationships and interactions with others, rather than just being your typical tsundere fodder.

Kirisaki Chitoge and Alaska Tiga in characters that I’ll probably remember well beyond how long I remember their respective series, lol.

Chitoge and Raku’s largely antagonistic relationship is what really makes Nisekoi worth watching, and cackling at. Meanwhile the plot stretched over two seasons might be reason to smack people upside the head. Incidents such as the locket search early in the series, and the great mother problem towards the end, are very telling of the characters’ respective natures. I find it kinda awesome how much those moments really tell about them, despite the hilarious antagonism, lol. Combined with her personality, which is pretty awesome. One of the few characters that got a footnote in my anime worth remembering, as being a character quite worth the remembering.

While I’m not a big fan of drama, Toradora! is kind of hard to forget. Taiga and Ryuji both have a few screws loose, and their undeniable partnership is pretty fricken amazing. As oddballs, more than a few good jokes are also generated along the way. I doubt that most people actually have someone in their life with a relationship like Ryuji and Taiga’s, and those that do are probably better off. Give or take if either of them are tsunderes. Compared to most anime, they also become very well developed characters by the end of the story.

On the flip side, I identify with the Toradora character, Ryuji, far more than most anime characters. So I consider the series even more worth watching than most, lol.