I have to admit, when I had bought Texas toast for making Ruben sandwiches , it was just as a work around to avoid going to two stores. But I think it may become my standard bread, lol.

It’s proven ideal for making a sandwich full enough to be worth eating, without becoming as hard on the economics and storage  space as going to hoggy rolls and the like. You can stuff a pair of slices in the toaster and load up a sandwich like my momma used to make, and the bread is something like $1.35 a loaf.

Another win is that one slice of Texas toast is enough for breakfast. Usually I would make two slices of toast is on the menu. Combined with trying to use up some old eggs, and sausages to share, let’s just say that Willow and company only care about their share, lol.

Pretty much the only reason I buy the breakfast sausage when they’re on sale, is I know three plump partridges starving doggies who would like some.