Things that are probably kind of sad, in their own way.

Ended up watching Red vs Blue, which I rather skipped when it was young.

Thinking back to the days when graphics looked like that Blood Gulch.

Legendary was fun, but no chance in hell I’m doing that with an Xbox controller.

Remembering that I still have my Halo: CE disc.

Thinking that buying the Master Chief Collection again on PC, would be a good way to play Halo 3 and 4 with a mouse.

Thinking that for $40, I’d rather buy my iPad a keyboard case or add to my anime collection.

If I actually got to play games more often, I’d probably just Game Pass.

Did I mention, I originally bought Halo Combat Evolved because I thought the Assault Rifle looked cool? Yeah, I was probably a nitwit when I was that young.

Post Script: Huh? The storage requirement for MCC on Steam is marked 20 GB? I could swear that my Xbox dedicates several times that much to it.