One of my get around to it items has been updating my anime worth remembering list. Something that I’ve been lax of, since it calls for groking at my viewing history to help remember where I last left off. I think it’s been about six months since I refreshed it, sinc ethe last entry was Izetta.

Today’s refresh adds:

The Rising of the Shield Hero is worth remembering because Naofumi stuck in a shit world, deeply crapped upon, but still somehow manages to be a decent person. Also a bit twisted when you consider the biting things under his coat, lol. Plus who doesn’t like Raphtalia? Yeah, it’s been that long since I updated my list.

Overlord was a series that languished on my watchlist, and then I finally watched it and found it simply superb. Seriously, watch it. All three seasons. I hope there’s more to come! Probably should be considered essential viewing for isekai and mmorpg lovers alike.

Log Horizon had been on my watchlist forever, and I still need to finish the final season. But it’s a great series.

Wizard Barristers was also on my watchlist for ages, and turned out to be quite a nice series. I seriously hope the author knows more about action anime than legal proceedings. But if it lands on the “Hmm, worth watching?” question line, the answer is yes.

WorldEnd: What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us? was a series I had meant to watch, probably since it came out. What I found was a pretty frackin’ awesome story and great characters. Action anime will usually bore me if you don’t make me laugh, or suck me in with the characters.

My Little Monster was a series I decided to watch and see if it was funny. Stayed because it was funny, and the characters were pretty good. Not to mention antics.

Kyo kara Maoh! had been on my wikipedia list of anime and managa to keep an eye on. So when it showed up in Crunchyroll’s back catalog, of course I had to watch. Long, and perhaps a bit twisted and genderbent. You’ll either love it or be bored in five minutes. Me, I found it funny, and the screwy characters make me laugh all the more. I also like that Yuri, who is very unlike the typical demon king stereotype, actually becomes a kind of Maoh worthy character when faced with the injustices stabbing Yuri in the eye–because if you have the power, why not?

Welcome to demon school! Iruma-kun! is a recent series that I almost skipped. Then I sat and watched it, and kind of caught up from half way in one night. The series targets a bit of a younger audience, so it generally passes up on the opportunity for fan service and focuses on good humour. Iruma’s super power to dodge danger, and how he settles in to life in the demon world is funny. Not to mention that Clara is a bloody awesome screw lose, and I may have busted a gut when the student council president called Iruma into her lair….

Kamen no Maid Guy is a series that’s decidedly not for kids, so much as those that like tits. But it’s pretty damned hilarious in a sexy / slap stick kind of way. Hard to watch without bellowing “Who the !@#$ is this masked maid guy!?” while rolling on the floor laughing your arse off at the insanity that unravels.

Ninja Nonsense is a delightful screwball comedy. I don’t know what drugs the author was on, but I sure hope they had some fun before the end. When the show starts off with a ninja girl on a panty theft mission, you just know it’s either going to be sad or funny, and somehow pretty great.

Tenjho Tenge is an action anime I find binge worthy, as it has both good humour galore and a bounty of characters. When a moronic tough guy who never knows when to quit finds himself trying to take over a school, where every badass seems to think they’re Son Goku, how can he not end up in deep? Plus the window -> shower incident in the beginning took a very unexpected, hilarious turn. But mostly, it’s an action drama with a lot of violence.

Trigun I had always heard of but never stopped to watch. Really wish that I had watched it when it first came to these shores. By the time Vash faces the Nebraska family and deals with the reactor melt down, I decided this was very much my kind of show. Vash is the kind of character that I would inspire to be, if I was awesome. It’s available on Hulu, and probably Netflix. At time of writing, I think Vash is the second male character to make my characters worth remembering section.

Phantom in the Twilight I think I had glossed over when it came out, as it sounded like it would either be worth watching or dull. In the end, I would say it’s more interesting than most series.