First impression of Edge 80, based on Chromium:

“Holy fuck that’s fast”
“Is this powered by nitromethane or something?”

The main reason that I had converted my games machine back to Chrome was thanks to Edge being flaky release to release about my tab change / load habits, which could vary from smoother to an effect like watching the GUI thread block for background tab loads or something. Moving it back to Chrome was mostly to get performance that was consistent.

In the time that I used Edge on that machine, I was otherwise very happy with it as a browser. In fact if they had been more consistent, I probably would not have bothered to change things around.

With the move to a Chromium base, I doubt that there’s much reason to care anymore. The only reason that I’m actually left to care about is the bookmark and history syncs with my Debian machine, and I don’t really do that much with bookmarks anymore. Most interesting history bits can probably be solved by Google’s activity page, since doing anything in Chrome’s history usually rolls as “Gah, crap, I’ll just type a search term”, lol.