It’s probably telling that with my laptop less than three meters away, and my tablet’s keyboard/mouse more like seven meters away; I opted to go with the tablet approach.

For sitting on my couch: tablets are generally an ideal formfactor. For being at a desk often the lure of a large keyboard and an even larger display is hard to pass out. But there are times where I’d rather be at my couch just like there are times I would rather be at my desk.
Generally, I’ve found that my laptop and desktop aren’t devices I reach for as often for their form factor as I do for the ease of using an X-Terminal, or simply doing things on it through a glorified X-Terminal and associated trappings. Or for very specialized tasks: because good luck cramming a massive GTX into a tablet, lol.

Microsoft’s Edge browser is crashing if you have Google set as default search – There’s a temporary workaround

Considering how much of Edge is Google, and both companies histories, I do find this kind of amusing. Given the isolation it almost makes me wonder if some Googly interface somewhere has changed its response in a funny way, or if a Microsoft change relative to Chromium induces a crashola.
In any case, looks like people using Edge should stop sending their address bar inputs to Google ala Chrome.

Apple Watch continues to help save lives in a variety of ways

While I’d doubt a wristwatch will ever replace a hospital for something like an electrocardiogram: I’d like to think that as far as canaries go an Apple Watch is better than feeding it to the cat.
Coming from a family tree where hearts are among leading cause of death, the health features are about the only aspect of the device I find intriguing. But then in lays the real problem: even if you could convince me to pay that much for a watch the fact remains that I do not want an iPhone to go with it.

For me one of the best parts about making fried rice is whatever you want, or whatever you have, or both, can be easily fit into the equation.

For Willow the disappointing part is this doesn’t mean it’s for dogs, lol.

Can’t say that I have any recollection of eating tortellini before tonight.

But there’s only two things that really need to be known. Firstly: unless it’s filled with rat poison: anything that looks lie a dumping is likely tasty; and seondly: I love pasta 😀.
Willow of course agrees with my method of covering them in cheese, applying suave and cheese, mixing them up, and then applying more cheese ^_^.

A friend mentioned second guessing themselves, so I offered this in response:

If I was better at drawing, I’d probably make another one for my “Amok time” method of solving problems I don’t now the solutions too, lol.