Ahh, sweet, sweet solace of NOT hearing the USB enumeration sound all the fscking time! Swapping the Anker all the things hub out for a simple USB-C that has two pair each of USB-A and USB-C ports resolves the grumbles.

Functionally, I think this is kind of preferable because the extra pieces of the Anker hub that refuse the enumerate when connected to my ASMedia controller, are only needed for the laptop side. I.e., HDMI, Ethernet, and USB-PD. For the tower, I only need the USB ports coalesced into a one cable swap over.

I’ve also been thinking for a while now about Stark’s successor. When I built Rimuru last year, I chose the name for three main reasons.

  1. Rimuru is rather overpowered and became a demon lord. 
    1. Centauri was built for a 5-year machine and nearly lasted the decade before her retirement.
    2. So, I was specing the replacement based on 10-years of service life and planning ahead for multiple refits.
  2. Aside from being largely new hardware: Rimuru’s key design factors are based on Centauri’s design processes.
    1. You could say that Centauri’s design was reincarnated as a modern PC.
  3. Obviously, I rather like That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

As such, I have a feeling that if Stark’s successor is from either of the laptop series that I envision, it seems that Shion would be a great host name for my next laptop. Because Shion is Rimuru’s first secretary, prone to solving problems with brute force, and tends to get him into trouble 😄.

In a somewhat similar convention, my iPhone SE 2020 was nicknamed Benimaru because I bought the red model and my transition from Android to iPhone, was not unlike the time Benimaru and the ogres showed up in Tempest all pissed off and ready for a fight. My devices are usually given a hostname based on whatever comes to mind relatively quickly in terms of the device’s personality. But once in a while, ideas pop up ahead of time.