Musings of an aging nerd

Having transitioned from “Gahh, no space!” to compact, so far the new desk is working out fairly well. If nothing else, it’s certainly nice to feel like I’ve got some desk space.

Because of the change up, I’ve been thinking of migrating Nerine’s charging point from my headboard to my desk, since it’s usually bedtime when I put my tablet on charge and that’s really the only time, I use my phone at home. My headboard’s been the charging station for ages, both due to convenience and the lack of desk space.

Actually, working off that metric and the dual desktop/laptop setup where usually my tablet is guarding my left flank anyway, I’m starting to think of my desk setup as the “Gateway station” where starships go in transient. Plus, the grey slab with technology sprouting out of it rather reminds me more of the space station in Aliens than any of the pocket-sized classes of Star Destroyer.