Corky passed away today

He had been refusing food, drinking little, been lethargic, breathing hard, for the past few days. We came back from the vet with meds targeting pneumonia when he didn’t improve, dropped him off. The vet decided to put him on an IV trying to hydrate him and get a stronger antibiotic into him.

When his heart stopped and trying to resuscitate him, they didn’t get a response. They certainly tried, he was in good care. In a lot of ways, Corky’s passing reminds me a lot of how my mother passed away but with complications from fluid in the lungs rather than kidney failure.

Last week was the 7th anniversary of Ma’s death which makes the comparison even closer. Much as Willow’s been by my side, Corky was by Ma’s side and had adopted me after her passing. I reckon he was about 14 +/- a year which is not young for a dog, but still the youngest of our tribe.

Miss you and love you Cork’a’bee. I hope that Momma and Coco were there waiting to guide you across the rainbow bridge. Thanks for being part of my family.