Homes versus Bases

As for myself, I’ve mostly tried to remain active. I spent most of yesterday trying to be physically active. Took care of things I had been putting off that require effort rather than focus. I think it was that or go crackers. Today, I opted to go with something closer to my typical potato-style day after spending the morning outside. While it was nice to have no interruptions, I’d much rather have my family near. In Misty’s case, she tended to prefer the couch potato approach same as I do anyhow.

I’ve started cleaning and taking things down. Most of the dog proofing efforts were to keep Willow from getting stuck in places, or like the gate by the door were already becoming redundant as they all aged and learned better. Pretty much of the do what and when in my time at home is gone. My timing and pacing for things outside work has generally been set by my family, and before that it was family and television schedules. Willow drove a lot of that in her later years, and Corky and Misty often came along or added their own factors.

For the most part, I think my apartment has gone from being home to being a base of operations. My mom used to say that home is where you hang your hat. For me, I guess, home is where your family is. I think in time, I may start making larger changes around here. Not so much to change it from as they knew it, so much as to keep it from feeling like a tomb; my tomb rather than theirs. For now the focus is on deep cleaning and figuring out what normal may look like.

That reminds me, I really do need to get that photo frame setup. And I still need to build albums for both Willow and Misty, the way I did for Corky and Coco with the best pictures over the years. My plan for the photo frame was to set it up with a subset of my file server, to collect the better pictures. Then if it works well, replicate it across several others since suitable memory cards are cheap as hell now.