Yeah, probably getting too old for this sh**

Based on how I’ve felt today and yesterday, I’m thinking the assessment is I’m getting old and long since too round around the middle.

Based on the happy trails instructions, I’ve tried to take it easy. Strenuous activities generally curtailed and kept to minimum. Combined with the increased level of hydration, walking to and from the refrigerator and the head are probably the majority of what physical activity has looked like. Stuff like putting the garbage out or longer treks across parking lots, being the minority.

Combined with greater time to recover system integrity, I’m thinking that the difference between today and yesterday can be summarized as caffeine. Yesterday was a little bit of headache and an expected level of drowsiness, given I hadn’t taken the effort to make coffee since Saturday morning. Getting back to work and being glad I’m plopped in front of a Mac book instead of hauling cargo around for a living, I opted to keep the coffee consumption light for me, at closer to 2-3 cups than 4-6. So not overdoing it but not devoid of caffeine either.

It still remains to be scene whether my natural disinclination to get out of bed, has more to do with adding a woobie to my blanket, or not having anyone to get up and take care of before going to work. Just the same however, I spent part of yesterday searching for a doctor and this morning setting up an appointment for next week.

Here’s hoping I’m alive and relatively well by the time I visit the doctor. And hoping this sentiment isn’t jinxed, lol.