Random things you don’t expect to find

Going through a cache of documents that have been waiting for triage since my mother passed away, or more literally, “Oh, wow, so that’s where these ended up”, I was a bit surprised but it also explained why some things I expected to find cleaning out my documents drawer, weren’t there.

Principally the interesting stuff falls under birth and death certificate kind of things, but for family who have been dead so long, keeping them is more a formality or just in case there’s useful info for looking up ancestors kinda documents. It’s decades late for there being any use for things like my father’s death certificate or discharge papers that I need worry about. Mostly stuff my mother may have had some use for twenty or thirty years ago. A good bit of which become rather transient, compared to those, and ended up in the ‘out’ pile rather than the keep pile.

One thing that I didn’t expect however, to find, was my grandfather’s discharge papers from 1945! After 78 years, the paper was so incredibly thin and flimsy, I almost thought it might be an old napkin or something else that ended up in that box. Nope, just incredibly old paper, lol.

Here’s hoping I’m in better shape than that paper, if I make it to 78. That’s in fourth some years 😅