And the ‘SAS’ category is now converted to the ‘SAS’ tag. Any untitled posts that stood alone in the category have been assigned ‘Games’, as that’s usually the closest match. It having been a long time since those journal entries were made.

This was kind of fun, as it gives a stroll back down memory lane for things like the skins pack that I and a friend did, eons ago. Far nicer than stumbling on the computer posts I feared would never die from system stats, like my post on converting from one distro to another without reformatting.

Here’s one I’ll resurface here though: How he does it – Trees!

More than a decade later, I find my brain still largely functions this way. The key differences is that has my gaming habits and working environments have shifted over the years, I have less frequent need for ‘active’ navigation, leaving me with a more ‘passive’ form where my mind autonomously maintains a tree structure, but doesn’t have the need to track and replay paths and key points of interest along a navigational cycle through a building. That is to say, it’s less things like remembering what corner of a hallway my element took fire at and more things like remembering what room I left the tape measure in.

Plus there’s the upside, I now live in a place where you don’t need such a data structure just to drive around the darn roads without getting lost, lol.